The Bright Side of the Brain: Perspectives in Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a rapidly evolving medical subspecialty. The complex nature of the organs it deals with (the brain, spinal cord and its surrounding structures) makes it one of the most technically demanding and challenging specialities in the medical profession.

In this course we will examine the practical and theoretical aspects of neurosurgical practice. We will play particular attention to the technological developments and future challenges that exist in this field. Patient-oriented and scientific developments will be presented during seminars that will cover several disciplines within the neurosurgical field (vascular, spinal, oncological, neuromodular, etc.). The course will also include surgical and anatomical demonstrations, ethical aspects of neurosurgical interference and interactive discussions. Topics for future research may also be discussed depending on participant preferences.


Dates: Monday 11 August – Friday 15 August 2014 (one week)

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