Prof. Dr R.H.M.A. Bartels
Prof. Dr R.H.M.A. BartelsNeurochirurg
Head of Department of Neurosurgery, Surgery of the craniocervical junction, Spinal surgery
H.H.K. Delye, MD PhD
H.H.K. Delye, MD PhDNeurosurgeon
Pediatric neurosurgery, Craniosynostosis, Endoscopic neurosurgery, Neuro-oncology
A.C. Koetsveld, MD
A.C. Koetsveld, MDNeurosurgeon
Neuro-Oncology, General Neurosurgery
E. Kurt, MD
E. Kurt, MDNeurosurgeon
Functional Neurosurgery, Neuromodulation, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Intrathecal treatments, Motor Cortex Stimulation, Dorsal Root Entry Zone Laesioning, Neurooncology, DTI, Tractography, Spinal Cord Injury
E.J. van Lindert, MD PhD
E.J. van Lindert, MD PhDNeurosurgeon
Pediatric neurosurgery, Endoscopic pituitary surgery, Suprasellar tumors, Tethered Cord, Endoscopic neurosurgery and instrument development
R.S. Vinke, MD
R.S. Vinke, MDNeurosurgeon
Functional neurosurgery, neuromodulation, endovascular and cerebrovascular surgery
J. de Vries, MD PhD
J. de Vries, MD PhDNeurosurgeon
Endovascular and cerebrovascular surgery, Cranial nerve surgery
H.D. Boogaarts, MD PhD
H.D. Boogaarts, MD PhDNeurochirurg
Endovascular and cerebrovascular surgery, neuroendoscopy, epidemiology
M. Ter Laan, MD PhD
M. Ter Laan, MD PhDNeurosurgeon
Neuro-oncology, Minimal invasive Neurosurgery, Endoscopic Neurosurgery
M. van Bilsen, MD
M. van Bilsen, MDNeurosurgeon
Spinal surgery and neuro-oncology


H. Den Boogert, MD
H. Den Boogert, MDResident in training
Trainee in Neurosurgery since 1th January 2016
I. Viozzi, MD
I. Viozzi, MDResident in training
Trainee in Neurosurgery since 1th January 2017
K. de Bree, MD
K. de Bree, MDResident in training
Trainee in Neurosurgery since 1th January 2018
M. Geerlings, MD
M. Geerlings, MDTrainee in Neurosurgery since 1th January 2018
C. Groot, MD
C. Groot, MDTrainee in Neurosurgery since 1th January 2020


R. Nanda, MD
R. Nanda, MDResident not in training
V. Shimanskaya, MD
V. Shimanskaya, MDResident not in training
M. te Dorsthorst, MD
M. te Dorsthorst, MDResident not in training
L. Jeung, MD
L. Jeung, MDResident not in training
M. Dijkman, MD
M. Dijkman, MDResident not in training


L. van den Abbeele
L. van den AbbeelePhysician assistant
E. Brouwers
E. BrouwersPhysician assistant
S. van Kuijk-Op den Camp
S. van Kuijk-Op den CampPhysician assistant


S. Bossmann
S. BossmannNurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners neuro-oncology
F. Brienen
F. Brienen Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners neuro-oncology
H. Petersen-Baltussen
H. Petersen-Baltussen Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners cerebrovascular diseasis


G. de Jong, Msc
G. de Jong, MscResearch Coordinator
R. Aquarius, PhD
R. Aquarius, PhDPost doc
E. Janssen, MD
E. Janssen, MDPhD student
T. de Korte, MD
T. de Korte, MD PhD student
S. Arts, MD
S. Arts, MDPhD student
V. Shimanskaya, MD
V. Shimanskaya, MDPhD student
D. Hensen, MD
D. Hensen, MDPhD student