Neurosurgical training: Neurosurgical Center Nijmegen

Member of the Staff since 1996 and since the 1st of Octobre 2010 Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery

Fields of interest

  • Surgery of the craniocervical junction
  • Spinal surgery (minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques, Oncologic surgery, reconstruction of spinal deformities with the exception of scoliosis)
  • Peripheral nerve surgery (entrapments, nerve tumors)
  • Epidemiology

Other activities

  • Board member Dutch Spine Society: 2000 – december 2004
  • Secretary Dutch Spine Society: january 2005 – today
  • Officer Cervical Spine Research Society (European Section): may 2005 – 2016
  • President Cervical Spine Research Society (European Section): may 2016 – may 2018
  • Past president Cervical Spine Research Society (EuropeanSection): may 2018
  • Board member Dutch Society for Neurosurgeons (NVVN): 2016